History of  B.W. Vertrieb GmbH



B.W. Computer Vertrieb GmbH was founded in Southern Germany. The company's success was assured from the beginning through the innovation of the home computer


B.W. Computer Vertrieb GmbH expanded four years after its foundation. The logistics center in Kirchardt was obtained to ensure a faster and more flexible delivery for the customers.


The expansion of the premises of the B.W. Computer Vertrieb GmbH in Kirchardt promoted the growth of the company.


B.W. Computer Vertrieb GmbH established itself in the market as a market-leading company, which worked closely with renowned brands.


As part of the rebound of B.W. Computer Vertrieb GmbH to B.W. Vertrieb GmbH a renewed focus was placed on creativity & design.


The arrival of the new generation of managing directors is accompanied by a strategic realignment.


The NCM e-bikes and the NCM e-bike spare parts are included in sales. Expansion of the technical competence to NCM repairs, NCM maintenance and NCM spare parts, as well as establishment of the associated B2B and B2C online shop.


The TOTEM E-Bikes assortment is compiled and the first samples are taken. The subject areas of e-bikes, electric scooters, e-cars charging and the corresponding accessories are pioneering and promising.


Construction and occupation of a new warehouse with approx. 400m² to expand and enlarge the storage capacities.


B.W. Vertrieb GmbH takes over the exclusive distribution rights for the TOTEM E-Bikes in Germany. A milestone has been set. The TOTEM partner establishment starts.